Top 5 Ain’t Bad!

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For those of you who may be wondering (Mom…), I did not win the iPad.

I was one of 5 finalists chosen from around the globe in Mavenlink’s slogan contest. Only two finalists were from the US. The winner is from The Philippines.

My entry was: “Think outside the box. Work inside ours.”

Because blogging makes me introspective, I would like to share what I learned from this experience.

What I learned is:

1. Social Media is an amazingly powerful tool. I promoted my entry using every SM tool in my arsenal: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, my blog (I considered a YouTube video, but couldn’t decide on what earrings to wear…) I tweeted, I blogged, I posted on every LinkedIn group I had ever joined. Heck, the whole contest was launched and conducted through Facebook and promoted on Mavenlink’s blog. They received thousands of votes. Think of how many less votes they would have had even 1 year ago when not as many people were so virtually connected.

2. I want an iPad. Bad. I never wanted one before the contest, but knowing that I might be a winner, I was suddenly looking at free apps, imagining how kewl I’d suddenly be if I had an iPad.

3. Marketing works. Marketing creates the need.

My new goal: Save up for my own damned iPad.

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Vacation’s Almost Over

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Last Sunday was July 4th, a date that (for me) has always signaled the beginning of the end of summer.

Back when I was home for school vacations, I would count how many days until we had to return to class. Instead of living in the moment, enjoying my free time, I would wake up and think “only 5 more days till schools starts…” “Only 4 more days till school starts…”

How’s that for the glass being half empty! But that’s how I’ve always been wired.  Just when it’s hot as heck and the fireflies are out each night, I’m dreading the fact that soon, sandal season is over, the kids will be back at school and the leaves will start to blow. Good grief, it’s practically Christmas!

I may be a major bummer at times to be around, but I’m kind of like the squirrel hiding acorns for the cold  months, all the while scolding the carefree chipmunk (or was it a bear?) for not being prepared for the rough times ahead.

Which brings me (finally) to this week’s blog post.

You may not be thinking of reevaluating and investing in your marketing today. Business may be good for you right now. Sales team is humming. Phones are ringing.

Kewl. That’s great.

But what about in three months? New competitive offerings, foreign competition into your niche, new technology on the horizon. Maybe your key sales person jumps ship, taking her client list with her. One thing we know, thanks to Murphy, is that whatever could rock your world will rock it.

Look at your marketing strategy now. What’s your plan of engagement for the next 6-12 months. Make sure your visibility and engagement spans different channels, because if one well runs dry, you won’t have time to dig another.

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Hello world!

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Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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