0 Comments | Dec 15, 2010

I Missed “Update Your Resume Month”

I just got an interesting email this morning from Spoke, the business people directory (LinkedIn, only not).

The email reads, in part:

Have you recently changed jobs or roles at your company?

September is Update Your Resume Month and Spoke would like to remind you that maintaining an accurate resume across all mediums, not just your paper resume, is critical to managing your reputation….

September is Update Your Resume Month, so take advantage of this opportunity to…

Dudes, unless I’ve gotten hit on the head recently, it’s December 15. Update Your Resume month was two months ago.

Damn, I missed it.

Lesson for today: Always send a test message to the marketing team. Never blast without having someone else (or two ‘someone elses’) sign off that they’ve scrutinize the test first. This will save you untold embarrassment. As much as you love surprise visits from the sales team (and above), they should be under more pleasant circumstances.

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