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Making the Decision to Buy Easy… or Not

I had a very interesting experience today that I would like to share.

I was pricing two online email platforms for a client who has a large email list.  I’d used both platforms in the past with success, so it really came down to finding a compelling reason to go with one company or the other.

Neither company had pricing for my tier on their website, and both websites asked me to call for the cost.

Here’s where I found my product differentiator, and made my buying decision.

Company A provided a quick price for me when I called.  It was easy to get a live person and I received no high pressured sales pitch.

Company B’s website offered online chat, which I utilized to ask for the price. My agent told me that all upper tier solutions are custom, asked for my contact info and told me that someone would contact me via email (which someone did). No price in the email, but he said he would call at 1pm to discuss my needs. It’s now 3:47 and no call. No price. No service.

Guess which company is getting my business? You guessed it. The company that made it easy for me to make my buying decision.



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