0 Comments | Mar 03, 2015

Marketing Experience or Industry Experience?

I was speaking to the head of marketing for a healthcare IT company that is looking to fill a senior marketing position. They’ve been sifting through resumes for more months than he can recall, and I could tell he’s getting frustrated. He needs to hire someone already.

Is there really a shortage of talented, experienced marketing people in the Washington DC Metro area? Not exactly. But the company wants to hire someone with healthcare industry experience. And not just healthcare industry experience, highly specialized healthcare industry experience. And it’s been tough because their industry niche is fairly new, and fairly small.

So as the search continues, the position lays waiting for that elusive candidate.

My question is (and I’m not claiming to know the answer, I’d just like your opinion) which is more important when you hire a marketing candidate – marketing expertise or industry expertise?  My only request is that you don’t answer “both”, and you support your answer with your reasoning.





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