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More on Relevancy for Muggles

In my post, Relevancy for Muggles, I suggested we craft marketing content so that each audience segment we need to reach can find and relate to information specific to their needs.

Relevancy is a push/pull phenomena in that as media consumers, we all choose to view what is highly relevant to us and ignore the rest. When marketers stay the course and continually deliver good content, we become loyal consumers of that content. This is what makes social media so powerful; no longer are we given only a handful of choices (like in the ’80s when we read Newsweek or Time), we subscribe to RSS Feeds and ListServs and favorite bloggers (like yours truly…?) and follow an “unfollow” as the wind blows. It all hinges on what’s relevant to us at any given time.

By making highly relevant information constantly available, the relevant info sort of feeds on itself and becomes even more relevant. For example, a copywriter friend of mine sent me a link the other day to Marketo’s blog post  called 5 B2B Social Media Success Stories. One of the examples was about the company SAP and their community of 50,000 users. No sooner did I read that blog post than I got a call from a technology company that sells to firms who use SAP.  He wanted to know if I thought that social media as a good way to attract potential customers. I forwarded him that blog post as my response. (Yes!)

Today I read an email from a client who told me he’d be happy to participate in a webinar that I’d lined up. The next email I opened was a blog feed from Funnelholic titled 34 Tips, Tricks, and Thoughts for Better Webinars. Coincidence? Of course not.  Magic? Nope. Remember, we’re all mere Muggles.

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