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What’s New and Exciting at Soapbox

Busy week, and it’s only Wednesday! (which is the new Tuesday, since Monday was a holiday— but then what to call Friday?)

I’m busy promoting my participation in an upcoming webinar with Dialog Magazine called The Clash of the Sales Titans, with Huthwaite CEO John Golden and Miller Heiman’s Sales Vice President Richard Blakeman. These are the two behemoths of sales effectiveness training, and they’re battling head to head on what makes a VIS (very effective salesperson). The folks at Dialog have asked me to present the marketing POV.

For those of you who don’t know this, I served as Huthwaite’s vice president of marketing for four and a half years, but that does not mean that I will be officially representing them. On the contrary, I will be on my soapbox for overworked, under-appreciated marketing teams everywhere. It’s our primary task to support our sales teams and drive revenue for our organizations. But we all wish it wasn’t so darned difficult to be heard, share ideas and get a little respect.

Some frightfully important reasons why you should register for this webinar:

  1. The format: it’s a lively panel discussion, not a canned presentation.
  2. It’s only 29 minutes! So in the time it takes to eat your Lean Cuisine at your desk, you can get some new ideas.
  3. It’s controversial! Huthwaite and Miller Heiman have been neck and neck competitors for years! Will the fur fly?  Will they play nice?
  4. It’s my first live webinar, so come and support me! I’ve produced webinars, created webinar presentations, and promoted webinars, but this is my first appearance.
  5. It’s free!

What else is keeping me busy? A new client, a new writing project, and a presentation on sales and marketing integration that I am giving this coming Tuesday (the real Tuesday, not Wednesday’s Tuesday) for an area business group.

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