0 Comments | Mar 14, 2011

Nine Days of B2B Social Media Benefits, Day 5: The Competition

Soapbox presents nine reasons to embrace B2B social media. Today’s installment:

The Competition

Your competition is using social media. ‘Nuf said?

If you’re not using social media to accomplish everything that I’ve been blogging about, then you’ve rolled out the red carpet and posted a sign on your back that says “Kick Me”.

Nervous? Take it a step at a time. Start a blog and share what’s going on at your company and in the industry. Invite feedback.

Gearing up for your conference, webinar series, or for trade show season? Start a Facebook page and post event registrations, links and photos. Start incorporating social media into your marketing plan by asking “How can we promote this program further using Social Media?”

Why use social media? Because your competition is tweeting, connecting and friending right this minute. Who’s listening? Your customers.

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