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Nine Days of B2B Social Media Benefits. Day 6, Extend Marketing Reach

Soapbox presents nine reasons to embrace B2B social media. Today’s installment:

Extend Marketing Reach

Social media is one more avenue for sharing your marketing message. Social media allows you to reach a segment of your customers and prospects in the way they want to be reached.

We know that having an integrated marketing strategy is important because not every customer or prospect interacts with the same medium.

I, for example, will never act favorably to an uninvited sales call. If I download a white paper and you call me to follow up, you will not succeed at engaging me in conversation about what I thought about the paper. And I write phone sales scripts! The only comment you may wrench out of me is that it took too long to download, I didn’t like the layout, or some other innocuous and very unhelpful comment to the poor lead qualifier who has no say or control over either. I’m just being difficult because I don’t like being interrupted.

There are those who will never open an email unless they know the sender. Others toss direct mail as soon as they separate it from the invoices and magazines. And some professionals will never venture on Facebook unless it’s to connect with family or Twitter because they “don’t get it.”

So why use social media to reach your audience?

How about the 35 million people who use LinkedIn*, the 50 million who use Twitter* (most of whom don’t Tweet, they merely follow. That’s cool; you Tweet, they follow!). According to Facebook, there are 500 million active users. YouTube is considered to be the 3rd largest search engine behind Google and Bing, making viewer comments foolish to ignore for any brand manager.

*According to

While it’s true that many customers will never engage via social media, millions upon millions of others use it to gather information, perform research and exchange ideas and opinions. Businesses simply cannot afford to ignore it.

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