0 Comments | Mar 21, 2011

Nine Days of B2B Social Media Benefits. Day 7, Relevance

Soapbox presents nine reasons to embrace B2B social media. Today’s installment:


Having a social media presence shows that your company is keeping up with the times, which is especially important for a mature organization that wants to reach a younger audience

If your company does not have a social media presence, it’s like putting a flashing sign on your home page that says “We’re hopelessly out of touch and we don’t care what you say about us behind our backs”.

Don’t shut the door on discussion, invite it!

When potential clients Google your business, if just your web site appears in the results, your business will seem increasingly self-promoting and lack credibility. You are missing the powerful third-party endorsement that social media furnishes, and that cannot be manufactured. Social media makes you relevant.

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