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Nine Days of B2B Social Media Benefits, Day 9: SEO

I’ll let you in on a secret.

Blog posts, social media profiles, YouTube videos, Flickr photos… they are all ranked by the search engines.

To get the scoop, I spoke with Peg McDermott, founder and president of COGO Interactive, an internet marketing company located in Northern VA. Here’s what Peg had to say:

“It’s fairly well known that a solid social media strategy is very effective in raising awareness around a brand. What is less known, is that social media also serves as a powerful tool in search engine optimization. Today, search engines can index or “crawl” and rank a Facebook fan page, a LinkedIn professional profile, blog posts, even your tweets! The more content you publish to the “social wire” the better the chance that your brand will show up in first page search results.”

Speaking of search engines, Twitter and YouTube are two of the largest search engines, behind Google! So the takeaway is, folks, the more active a company is on social media, the higher it will rank in search results. Here’s how the social media/SEO cycle works:

1.           Create and promote optimized content and assets

2.           Content is noticed, shared and voted on. Awareness grows.

3.           Increased exposure attracts more subscribers, fans, friends, followers and links

4.           Increased links and social media exposure grow search and referral traffic

5.           Traffic and community help research, develop and further grow social networks for content and SEO

There you have it. Nine reasons (and nine blog posts) why your company must take social media seriously NOW… as a highly effective way to reach your B2B audience.

What do YOU get out of social media? How has it helped your business connect?

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