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So you think you’re Brad Pitt? Linkedin photo no-nos.

Apparently, Brad Pitt has looking at my LinkedIn profile (don’t tell Angelina!)

OK, it wasn’t Brad, but someone named Kevin who’s using Brad Pitt’s photo on his LinkedIn profile. Which leads me to today’s reason for climbing on my Soapbox with a big poster board that says “DON’T!”

LinkedIn is powerful. Your future clients, partners and employers are on there. So are you neighbors and friends. Heck, even your ex’s new flame is on there checking out your profile to size up the competition! (Well, OK, that could be a good case for uploading Brad’s mug…)

The first thing a visitor will notice is your photo. Make a good impression:

1. Try to use a professionally-taken photo

2. Look at the camera and relax! This isn’t going in your senior yearbook – it’s a reflection of you as a professional. What’s the image you want to portray? Confident and approachable.

3. Don’t use a shot from a cruise, vacation or birthday party. Nix the group beer snap. Save it for Facebook (or bury it on MySpace).

4. I’m not fond of family shots either. Or your wedding photo.  Linked In is a professional network. Be that professional.

5. Make sure the photo is high-res (not fuzzy) and well cropped. Don’t waste half of that precious real estate on extra head room.

Leave the Brad Pitt and Megan Fox photos for your personal social networks. You never know who’s looking at you on LinkedIn…





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