0 Comments | Mar 28, 2011

Web Site Planning: the Floorplan

I’m working on my new web site (or rather, I’m working with a partner who is going to build my new site for me). It’s exciting for me to do this, kind of like moving into a new house, because when you create a web site, you ask some of the same questions as you would if shopping for new digs.

For example:

How much space will I need?

What am I taking with me from the old place, and what should I toss out?

What did I hate about  my old space, and what did I like?

What did my surroundings say about me, and how has that changed?

How did the color palette make me feel? Should I use the same pain this time, or start fresh?

Was it easy to get around or would I rearrange the rooms if I could?

How much storage space do I need?

What’s most exciting for me as we work on the new site is that I will have the opportunity to edit the entire site, not just small pieces. The  site will maintain the look and feel of my brand, but with more white space and room for photos and graphics.

The next step in the process will be to work on new content, and review my overall messaging.  The timing is great, since I’ve been rethinking that, too.

Stay tuned.

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