10-Point Website Diagnostic

Soapbox Marketing 10 Point Website Diagnostic

Is your website generating revenue for your business, or is it working against you? Evaluate your website now with our Soapbox Website Diagnostic.


Answer the questions below by selecting a value for each statement:
-1 = Not at all

0 = Somewhat
1 = Yes

We will email your completed Diagnostic — showing how your website performs in 10 specific areas — to you within one business day. If you would like our Premium Website Diagnostic, which includes a more comprehensive review of your website as well as comparisons to your competitors’ websites in each of these areas, please click here or check the Request Premium Website Audit check box at the bottom of this page.

Home Page

– Our Home page has a contemporary look and feel

– Our value proposition is clearly stated on the home page (e.g. with a tagline or welcome blurb)

– Visitors understand what we do in 7 seconds or less

Task Orientation

The critical path (e.g. purchase, subscription) is clear, with no distractions on route

Our site requires minimal scrolling and clicking for visitors to reach their goal for visiting the site

The path for any given task is a reasonable length (2-5 clicks)

Navigation & IA

The information that users are most likely to need is easy to navigate to from most pages

Major sections of our site are available from every page (persistent navigation) and there are no dead ends

Links look the same in every sections of our site

Forms & Data Entry

Fields in data entry screens contain default values when appropriate and show the structure of the data and the field length

Field labels on forms clearly explain what entries are desired

There is a clear distinction between “required” and “optional” fields on forms

Trust & Credibility

It is clear that there is a real organization behind our site (e.g. there is a physical address or a photo of the office)

Each page is clearly branded so that visitors knows they are still in the same site

It is clear that there are real people behind our organization, and that they are honest and trustworthy (look for bios)

Writing & Content Quality

Sentences are written in the active voice, with proper grammar and spelling

Pages are quick to scan, with ample headings and sub-headings and short paragraphs

Content is written for what the customer values, i.e, problem-solving, no just “we do this”, “we do that”

Page Layout & Visual Design

The layout helps focus attention on what to do next

Clickable areas (like buttons) are clearly identifiable

Each page on our site shares a consistent layout

Our site is visually interesting without being distracting

Help, Feedback, Error Tolerance

Our site uses a customized 404 page, which includes tips on how to find the missing page, and links to “Home” and Search

Pages load quickly (3 seconds or less)

Important instructions remain on the screen while needed, and there are no hasty time outs requiring visitors to write down information


The search results page shows visitors what was searched for and it is easy to edit and resubmit the search

Search results are clear, useful and ranked by relevance

The search interface is located where users will expect to find it (top right of page)

Social Media

Social Media icons appear on the Home page and Contact page, and link to social media destinations

Organization fully utilizes LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube

Site includes at least one of the following: video, audio, podcast, demo

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