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What’s the Lifespan of a Web Site?

I just responded to a thought-provoking blog post from the Moire Marketing blog that I would like to share.

The question posed was “What do you think is the life span of a web site?”

There are so many factors involved in making the decision to launch a new web site. Oftentimes the current site can be refreshed to fix a specific issue. For example, if the site is not performing well in search, then it could be that you need to incorporate more aggressive SEO, including keyword research and content refresh. But if the problem points to your design and infrastructure as not being SEO-friendly, you may need to consider a site overhaul.

When toying with the possibility of a new web site, it’s always a good idea to elicit the opinions of those who matter most – your clients. Ask them what they like and don’t like about your current site. Is the look and feel dated? Difficult to navigate? Not enough useful information?

Take notes and then make the decision about building a new web site.

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