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Who Do You Think You’re Talking To?

“You talkin’ to ME? You must be talkin’ to me, Well I’m the only one here.” So said Robert DeNiro in Taxi Driver.

When it comes to your marketing content, problem is that your prospect is not the only one here. There are many different types of people reading the same content, and I don’t just mean prospects and customers.

Say you’re a software company. You could have fact-finders, tire-kickers and those with cash in hand all reading your content. Line managers, IT, financial, executives, marketing and sales people. Each has his or her own agenda, interests, challenges and fears.

Your content must address each person or persona. You can do this by creating different versions of each piece (time consuming but effective – weigh the pros and cons first) or by including something for everyone in the same piece of collateral. (Not as precisely targeted but touches the points that each want to know about.)

Make sure you understand who’s reading your collateral, and what’s important to them. Your content must really speak to that person, so they feel it was written for them.

ARE you talkin’ to me??



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