0 Comments | May 10, 2010

Why You Need Another Set of Eyes

I’m reading the local paper today when an attractively designed ad grabs my attention. A new vintage clothing store is raffling off a Coach bag. Oooh! Three  of my favorite words: Free.  Coach.  Bag.

There’s one catch to the ad – one inadvertent catch. There’s no address listed. No phone. No web site.  I’ve never heard of the store, and judging from the newspaper’s coverage area I only know that it’s somewhere in Loudoun County… all  2000 square miles  of it.

If the graphic designer, or store owner, or ad rep were paying  attention, and had proofed the ad (shame on you newspaper rep for not looking at the ad  before it went to press, there is such a thing as customer service) I might have gone shopping today at that cool new store (after all, it is Mothers Day and Mother needs a new Coach bag).

Marketing 101: Proof your work.

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